About horand INDUSTRY

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and specialise in high-pressure and softwash cleaning using professional grade cleaning equipment. We use a customised cleaning solution and water to rejuvenate concrete, brick, render, weatherboards, roof tiles, colorbond and fencing. Other services include driveway and garage floor sealing, gutter cleaning. 

All services are performed by our trained and insured team, with maintaining health & safety our priority. We provide contactless payment options and operate in greater Melbourne, Geelong and the Surf Coast.

It's easy to bring the sparkle back to your home, office or retail store with horand INDUSTRY high-pressure and softwash cleaning services.

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Our Process

We use industrial equipment of the highest quality to ensure the least disruption to you, including a customised cleaning solution.

Step one. We will access the area to be cleaned. This includes taking photos and completing a risk assessment and tailored cleaning plan. This will determine which products and cleaning equipment we will utilise.

Step two. We will require access to water and power.

Step three. Depending on the cleaning plan we may apply our customised cleaning solution.

Step four. Clean the area using our industrial cleaning equipment.

Step five. Reassess the area to ensure cleaned to achieve maximum results.

Step six. Optional Extra - Apply sealer (to driveways & garage floors). 

It's Important to Note

We will always endeavour to highlight any existing issues or trouble spots. Be assured the cleaning process will not cause damage to your property but once cleaned imperfections may become more visible.

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We provide a range of professional and high-quality services to assist homeowners and tenants in maintaining a home they can have pride in. You can increase your home's curb appeal or showcase your home if you're selling up. Save money in potential repair costs by implementing a regular cost-effective preventative maintenance program at home. 


Show your customers and clients your attention to detail with a business premises that you can be proud of. 

We provide businesses with a range of cost-effective and high-quality services that restore surfaces by removing mold, mildew, lichen and moss to name a few. Save money by implementing a regular preventative maintenance program at your business today.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

All work is carried out with the health & safety of you and our team our greatest priority.

Following our COVID-19 Safe Plan we:

  • ensure physical distancing

  • wear a face mask (if required)

  • practise good hygiene

  • keep good records

Be rest assured that the surfaces we clean are left hygienic and COVID-free.

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